The First Holiday Concert of the Season!

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The Dan Meyer Choir is bringing you “The First Holiday Concert of the Season” tomorrow at 4:00pm at The 2640 Space, 2640 Saint Paul Street. This free concert is a 4-part choral celebration of the holidays in Baltimore and includes such future hits as “Miracle on 34th Street”, “Wilkins Avenue Complaint”, “Christmas at Uncle Johns’ Mansion”, “Daylight Savings Time”, “Cruisin’ Down Holiday Street” and more. Come and enjoy the holiday before the holiday season attacks in full force!

Back at It

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It’s been a long break (since May!), but the Dan Meyer Choir started rehearsals again at the…
HAC Photo
We’re working on some new music for our performance on September 23 at the Light Street Branch of The Enoch Pratt Free Library, 7:00pm.

Also, we will be holding auditions for new members on Sunday, August 15. Spread the news!

Tell That to the President

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Ailuk AtollCalvin & Grace CoolidgeA few years back I heard the story of Grace and Calvin Coolidge’s visit to a chicken farm when he was president back in the 1920’s.

Shortly after hearing that story I took a vacation to the island of Ailuk in the Marshall Islands. When the plane didn’t come to pick me up after a week, I was stranded there for an extra seven days. No restaurants, no stores, no one who speaks English, no computers, no phones and no electricity.

It was a strange combination of terror (”Will I be marooned here forever?!?!”) and boredom (”There’s nothing to do!”).

But during those odd Pacific days, I wrote the choral anthem “Tell That to the President”, telling the story of the Coolidges at the chicken farm.

This is one of the songs that the Dan Meyer Choir is currently rehearsing. Stay tuned!

Another Sunday, Another Rehearsal

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Sundays in Hamilton means that the Dan Meyer Choir is rehearsing, and it was a great one tonight. Two-and-a-half hours of hard work, but I’m beginning to hear the music that has only existed in my head until now. What could be more thrilling than that? I couldn’t ask for a group of harder-working, more talented and enjoyable people!

Singing for Enoch

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9-10 Enoch PrattHere we are at our performance at the Enoch Pratt Free Library last Thursday night. It was a great time, except for the librarians shushing us the whole time. Just kidding! The staff was great and very helpful. And the audience was so enthusiastic. It was a beautiful evening and it was so much fun to share our music.

Tomorrow is the beginning of our fall season of music. Thank you all for your support thus far!

Concert on Thursday, September 10!

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Don’t forget that we will be performing this week Thursday, 7:00pm at the Enoch Pratt Free Library’s Light Street Branch. It’s free!
Baltimore Fire
One of our pieces is an arrangement of the folk song “Baltimore Fire.” In anticipation of this, here is a quiz on the great fire:

1. What year was the fire?
2. What day of the week was it and why is it significant?
3. What season was it and why is that significant?
4. How many people allegedly died from the fire?
5. How many people actually died from the fire and how?
6. How did the fire start?

See you Thursday!

Looking Back & Forward

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DMC 05-2009This Thursday is the Enoch Pratt debut of The Dan Meyer Choir, so here’s a look back at our last performance in May, 2009. Reading through the guest book from that performance, here are some adjectives that were thrown at us: wonderful, great, lovely & fascinating. Bring your friends to Light Street on Thursday evening for another wonderful, great, lovely & fascinating opportunity!

Come to Our Show!

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The Poster

The Poster

Music for the Ears and Food for the Stomach

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After a few months away, the Dan Meyer Choir gathered together in all it’s 4-part beauty for rehearsal yesterday afternoon. It was so good to be singing together again!

We celebrated our reunion with a potluck after the rehearsal … great spread, guys! And I feel so spoiled to have all the leftovers!

You guys rock!


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Hello everyone! Allow me to introduce myself, I am Dan Meyer, the founder and director of the Dan Meyer Choir.
8-01 Moonrize (25)
This picture was taken in August 2009 on the island of Yap. I have taught and performed on many Pacific islands including Guam, Kosrae, Oahu, Pohnpei, Saipan and Yap. Now I live in Baltimore.

I love choral music and have been a conductor and composer for many years. My choral music is published by GIA Publications in Chicago. I started the Dan Meyer Choir as an alternative to working through a publisher to get my work out there.

The Dan Meyer Choir will be performing new compositions and arrangments. It will be predominantly 4-part secular music with piano accompaniment.

The Dan Meyer Choir is going to be an exhilarating ride through a whole new creative landscape. Welcome aboard!